Assignment Six LIBR 262A Picture Book Database Ages 0-4

A Picture Book Database Ages 0-4

Cover Art for Huff & puff
1.  Title:   Huff & Puff   Hardcover Book
Author: Rueda, Claudia.
Publication Information: New York : Abrams Appleseed
Ages: 2-6yrs
Loosely based on the folktale about the three little pigs, these three pigs have a different surprise for the wolf who is trying to blow their houses down. The reader is asked to huff and puff into a die-cut hole in each page.
This fractured fairytale  is a short book that is very interactive and perfect for children ages 0-4. This book has very few words and the word that are used are repeated, therefore children in our target audience of ages 0-4 would be able to help tell  the story and interact with the huffing and puffing! These things help to promote print awareness with children. The illustrations in this book were made with pen and ink and watercolor on paper. No illustrator was named.
Pigs, Folktale, Wolves
Early Literacy:
The book has very few words and is easy for kids to memorize and promote early reading skills. Also the interaction of huffing and puffing helps tell the story through actions as well.
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2. Title: One Special Day     Hardcover
Author: Schaefer, Lola M.
Illustrated By:  Meserve, Jessica.
Publication Information:
New York : Disney/Hyperion Books
An energetic and imaginative boy becomes a big brother.
Ages: 2-5
This book is a sweet story of a very active little boy who likes to do all the things little boys do. Such as climb trees, and yell and run and be wild. But one day Spencer does something he has never done before, he becomes a big brother. The illustrations in this book are whimsical and full of movement.
Tags: infant, siblings, brothers
Early Literacy: The text is simple and interactive. As the author is describing Spencer she asks the children to identify things such bears and giraffes. This helps to promote print awareness.
Cover Art for Take me out to the ballgame [BOOK WITH CD]
3. Title: Take me out to the ballgame [Hardcover BOOK WITH CD]
Author: Norworth, Jack
Illustrated by: Hirao, Amiko.
ISBN: 9781936140268
Publication Information:
Watertown, MA : Imagine, 2011.
CD with accompanying book of the familiar baseball song. CD includes two other songs also performed by Carly Simon.
Ages: 2-5
The famous baseball song written by Jack Norworth comes alive in this vibrantly illustrated book. The song or story is repeated three times and would be a wonderful story for a Summertime storytime. The children and adults can sing along with Carly Simon not only to “Take Me out to the Ballgame but an additional three songs on the CD which is included with this hardcover edition of the book. Author notes in the back also include a special memory involving Carly Simon and the baseball great, Jackie Robinson.
History of the song:
Carly Simon Website:
Children’s songs
Early Literacy:
This book promotes Phonological Awareness and Narrative Skills. When singing song each has a different note for each syllable. This helps children break down words.
Cover Art for Lily loves
4. Title: Lily loves  Harcover
Author: Lüftner, Kai.
Illustrator: Drews, Judith.
Publication Information: Simply Read Books, 2012.
Lily’s life is full of contradictions–like the fact that she doesn’t like when people call her “Lily flower,” yet she always wears a flower in her hair–but she still loves herself despite her imperfections.
Reaction: When I saw this book at the library the wonderful, simply illustrations caught my eye. The story is not rhythmic and I do not think is a children for the recommended age. The author is trying to say that it is ok to be who you are. However kids in this age are too busy becoming who they are to care too much about what others think. I would not recommend this book.
Girls, Self-esteem
Does not promote early literacy in my opinion
Cover Art for Good news, bad news
5. Title: Good news, bad news
Author: Mack, Jeff.
Publication Information:
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c2012.
While on a picnic, Bunny and Mouse see everything that happens to them from opposite points of view–Bunny sees only the good, while Mouse sees only the bad.
Ages: 0-4
Reaction: This book has four words, good news, bad news. This book is perfect for children to not only tell the story with the pictures but make up their own story as well.
Tags: Rabbits, Pessimism, Optimism
This book promotes many aspects of early literacy including, Print Motivation, Narrative Skills, Print Awareness and Phonological Awareness.
Cover Art for Not your typical dragon
6. Title: Not Your Typical Dragon
Author: Bar-el, Dan.
Illustrator: Bowers, Tim.
Publication Information: New York : Viking, 2013.
Abstract: Crispin Blaze is seven years old and  he’s expected to breathe fire like all the other dragons. But instead of fire, he breathes a host of unusual things.
Ages: 2-4
Reaction: This is a charming story of Crispin who is not like other dragons. Just as all children are different Crispin is different and at first his differences are troubling to his parents. But, one day Crispin does something heroic and his Father sees how special his son is and how lucky he is to have him. This is a great story, illustrated with bright pictures and a story that would be perfect for a family storytime!
Tags: Dragons, Individuality
Early Literacy: This story promotes Print Awareness in that the print is on different areas of pages and will teach how to follow along with the story and also show how to handle a book when reading.
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7. Title:  Timeout for Sophie
Author: Wells, Rosemary.
Publication Information: New York : Viking.
Abstract: Although Sophie wants to be helpful and good, sometimes she ignores her mother, father, and grandmother
and must have a timeout.

Ages 0-4
Reaction: I think this story is perfect for our entire target audience of 0-4. Every little one needs a time out at least once in their day
and this book shows how Sophie’s time-outs might start out with good intentions but don’t always end up exactly how she plans.
Tags: Behavior, Children
Early Literacy: This book promotes print motivation in out early readers in that the book is one of those that can be read over and
over again and can be a first step in raising a reader!
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6. Title: Betty Bunny didn’t do i
Author:  Kaplan, Michael B.
Publication Information:
New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, c2013.
Ages: 2-4
Abstract: When a young rabbit breaks a table lamp and blames the Tooth Fairy, her family explains the importance of honesty.
Reaction: This is a great story for storytime! The message of being honest is one that even out littlest of readers can understand
and the pictures in this book are wonderful! Bright cheery colors yet a moral that is a must in learning!
Tags: Behavior, children, honesty
Early Literacy: This story is outstanding in promoting Narrative skills. Not only can the children help tell the story they can also
begin to share their own experiences in being honest and maybe not so honest.
Peep and Ducky  Cover Image
9. Title: Peep and Ducky
Author: Martin, David
Publication Information: Somerville, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 2013.
Abstract: Illustrations and rhyming text follows two animal friends as they play pretend games, fly down a slide, flop in a puddle,
and run around a tree.
Tags: chickens, ducks, friendship, play
Reaction: This story is all about having fun with your friend! And learning some words as well! The rhyming is perfect for out target
age and this is definitely a story that anyone can relate to.
Early Literacy: Make the story come alive. Create voices for each character and use your body to tell the story.
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10. Title: See a heart, share a heart
Author: Telchin, Eric.
Publication Information: New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, c2012.
Abstract: Love is all around, as depicted by photographs of heart-shaped images in everyday life.
Tags: Shapes, Heart
Ages: 3-4
Reaction: This book shows our little ones to always look for the good. This is a great book to use in connecting with kids and sparking
conversations. This book would be wonderful to use at storytime and talk about the pictures and get their little minds working.
Early Literacy: Narrative skills: With this book you can answer yes and no questions, have the kids tell a story, and explore their feelings. Ask them questions such as who they love and who loves them. How do they know they are loved?
Nighttime Ninja  Cover Image
11. Title: Nighttime Ninja
Author: DaCosta, Barbara.
Publication Information: New York : Little, Brown, 2012.
Abstract: Late at night when everyone is asleep ninja’s search for treasure.
Age: 1-4
Reaction: A great story to get little boys attention! I hear from my sisters all the time that there are not enough books about subjects little boys like! Well here you go! This is a great bedtime book and will definitely have my little nephews thinking!
Tags: Ninja, Imagination, Bedtime
Early Literacy: Print Motivation: A book to get our reluctant boys interested in books and all the joys of reading!
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12. Title: Baby penguins everywhere
Author: Guion, Melissa.
Publication Information: New York : Philomel, c2012.
Abstract: When a penguin finds a hat floating by, she discovers something inside . . . baby penguins!”
Reaction: If your kids love penguins this story is a must. It is simple to understand with little surprises along the way.
Tags:Penguins, Animals
Early Literacy: Print Motivation: Reading to a child about one of their favorite things encourages them to read!
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13. Title: Colors Touch, look, and learn
Author: Bolam, Emily.
Publication Information: Wilton, CT : Tiger Tales, 2009.
Abstract: A board book designed to be interactive in teaching colors, and shapes and more.
Age 0-2
Tags: Colors
Reaction: A simple book for our younger readers to start their learning. In a board book format to withstand many readers
and easy for little hands to hold.
Early Literacy: Letter Knowledge: Point out shapes and colors. Begin to show children how words relate to objects.
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14. Title: Here comes Jack Frost
Author: Kohara, Kazuno.
Publication Information: New York : Roaring Brook Press, c2009.
Abstract: One cold morning, a lonely boy wishes for something to do. Then someone comes to play who knows what winter is all about.
Tags: Jack Frost, Boys, Animals, Birds
Reaction: A wonderful story about Jack Frost and winter. The illustrations are beautiful and this again is a good book to
get little boys interested in books and reading.
Early Literacy: Print Motivation: Read stories that get kids interested in reading. Enjoy reading together! Even if you can only read a few minutes that is ok. As they get older they will be able to sit longer.
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15. Title: How do you feel?
Author: Browne, Anthony,

Publication Information: Somerville, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 2011.
Abstract: A young chimp describes a variety of emotions he experiences.
Tags: Emotions, Chimpanzees
Reaction: We all feel different emotions as we go through our day. In this simply written book we follow a little chimp
as he learns about his emotions. Perfect for toddlers to hear a story about all the emotions they too experience.
Early Literacy: Narrative skills: As the kids hear the story they can identify through the words and pictures what the little
chimp was feeling and then begin to understand and tell the story themselves. Helps to enforce the idea that feelings are ok.
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16. Title: Silly doggy!
Author: Stower, Adam.

Publication Information: New York : Orchard Books
Abstract: When Lily discovers a bear in her garden, she mistakenly thinks it is a dog and wants to keep it for her pet.
Tags: Pets, Bears
Reaction: This story is just plain fun! The simple joy of being a child and wanting a pet! But maybe not a bear!
Early Literacy: Print Motivation, for the simple enjoyment and learn to love reading. A perfect story to snuggle up and read. Children learn from you that books are fun, which is an important ingredient when they start to learn to read.
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17. Title: There was a tree
Author: Isadora, Rachel.

New York : Nancy Paulsen Books
A favorite children’s song, “The Green Grass Grew All Around,” becomes a colorful book filled with African wildlife.
Age: 2-4
Reaction: I love books that you can connect with music and this is one of those books. For a storytime you could get the sound
recording of the song and sing it at the end of the story. The book has sheet music in it if you play a guitar or piano. This would also
be a wonder book to use for a jungle theme or Africa theme in your classroom or library.
Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness: Singing songs is a great way to increase vocabulary and learn new words.
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18. Title: The three little fish and the big bad shark
Author: Geist, Ken.

Publication Information: New York : Scholastic

Abstract: In this spoof of The three little pigs, Mama tells her three little fish that it’s time to seek their fortunes.
Jim builds a house of seaweed and Tim builds a house of sand, but it’s up to Kim to find the house that will stop the
big bad shark’s munching and crunching.
Tags: Fish, Sharks
Reaction: This book takes an old story and puts a new spin on it but keeps the catchy rhyme. I enjoyed the bright colorful pictures and
found myself saying the rhyme out loud as well!
Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness: Definitely one of the stories that should be  used at storytimes. With its vibrant pictures and
fun rhyme kids will be chanting along and learning at the same time!
Cover Art for The reader
19. Title: The reader
Author: Hest, Amy.

Publication Information: Las Vegas, NV : Amazon Children’s Publishing
Abstract: A boy and his dog hike to the top of a very tall, snowy hill where they play, enjoy a snack, and then share their favorite
book before sledding home.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Snow, Dogs, Books, Reading
Reaction: Such a simple warm story. I see this as a book an adult sits down and reads with a child. A book that can spark a
conversation about favorite books.
Early Literacy: Print motivation: Spark or encourage the love of books and storytelling in little readers. Talk about when you were a little person and what you liked to do in the winter.
Cover Art Image
20.  Title: Emeraldalicious
Author: Kann, Victoria.

Publication Information: New York : Harper, c2013.
Abstract: Recycling magic turns a garbage-filled park into a “greentastic” garden.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Green, Garden, Recycling
Reaction: I love these books. Not only do they highlight colors but an “issue” as well. Especially in this one where recycling is highlighted.
Kids as young as 2 years old know about sorting trash and recycling. I enjoyed this book and would use it for Earth Day,
recycling events in the community and highlighting the color green.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills: A book that has many chances to spark conversations and name things. Also a great book because of its size to show how to hold a book etc at storytime.
One gorilla : a counting book  Cover Image
21. Title: One gorilla : a counting book
Author: Browne, Anthony
Publication Information: Somerville, MA : Candlewick Press
Abstract: Learn to count with a variety of primates–gorillas, gibbons, mandrills, and others.
Tags: Animals, Counting
Reaction: Such a beautiful book! And it is a counting book! Not just counting your normal objects either, you are counting all sorts of
gorillas and apes! The artwork in this book is stunning and is perfect to keep the little ones engaged in reading and learning.
Early Literacy: Print Motivation: Encourage reading while learning numbers and maybe even some new animal names!
All the things I love about you  Cover Image
22. Title: All the things I love about you
Author:Pham, LeUyen.

Publication Information: New York : Balzer + Bray
Abstract: A mother relates some of the many things that she loves about her young son.
Age: 2-4
Tags: Mothers, Sons, Love
Reaction: After reading this story I ordered it and had it sent to my sister who has a 4-year-old boy. This is touching story that shows
the love that Mother’s have for their children.
Early Literacy: Print Motivation and Narrative Skills: A story that you once again can simply enjoy but also relate back to your
relationship that you have with your little one. Maybe talk about the day they were born and the minute you knew you loved them.
A book of sleep  Cover Image
23. Title: A book of sleep
Author: Na, Il Sung.

Publication Information: New York : Alfred A. Knopf

Abstract: While other animals sleep at night, some quietly and others noisily, some alone and others huddled together,
a wide-eyed owl watches.
Tags: Nighttime, Owls, Sleep
Reaction: A great story to teach about animals that are nocturnal. Also a beautifully illustrated book that will definitely keep
the attention of the little readers. Owls are very popular right now and this would be a great book to use in an owl themes storytime or pull
all owl books for on top of bookcases.
Early Literacy: Vocabulary: Learn new words of animals that roam around at night while we are fast asleep.
Snow rabbit, spring rabbit : a book of changing seasons  Cover Image
24. Title: Snow rabbit, spring rabbit : a book of changing seasons
Author: Na, Il Sung.

Publication Information: New York : Alfred A. Knopf

Abstract: While other animals migrate, hibernate, or stay busy all winter, a little white rabbit watches.
Age: 2-4
Tags: Rabbits, Winter, Animals
Reaction: A book that teaches about the season of winter. This book is seen through the eye’s of the little bunny and is illustrated beautifully.
A wonderful book to not only use in the winter but also when highlighting the four seasons and how animals migrate.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills: A lot of opportunity when reading this book to ask questions and get the listeners involved and learning new things. Talk about what other animals might hibernate in the winter.
Blueberries for Sal  Cover Image
25. Title: Blueberries for Sal
Author: McCloskey, Robert, 1914-2003.
Publication Information: New York : Viking Press

Little Sal and Little Bear both lose their mothers while eating blueberries and almost end up with the other’s mother.
Reaction:This award-winning book is a perfect book to read while having a quiet time or getting ready for bed. The story might be a
little long but splitting into two reading times with your kids is perfect. A classic story that many generations have read and will keep
Early Literacy: Print Motivation: Read a longer story over two nights before bed so the little ones will be excited about the book and going to bed. Make sharing books part of every day.
Laugh-out-loud baby  Cover Image
26. Title: Laughoutloud baby
Author: Johnston, Tony

Publication Information: New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Abstract: The first time a baby laughs, his entire extended family gathers for a party in hopes of hearing the sweet sound again.
Tags: Laughter,Infants, Families, Party
Reaction: Every parent remembers the fist time their baby laughs and they do everything to get them to do it again. This book is a
wonderful story of that event we all cherish. A great book to read to siblings and talk about the first time they laughed.
Early literacy: Narrative Skills: Telling stories to each other about what makes them laugh or how they make their parents or siblings laugh.
A crack in the track : a Thomas the Tank Engine story  Cover Image
27. Title: A crack in the track : a Thomas the Tank Engine story
Thomas & friends Bright and early board books Railway series.
Bright and early board book.
Author: Stubbs, Tommy.

Publication Information: New York : Random House

Abstract: A crack in the track brings Thomas the Tank Engine and the entire Island of Sodor Railway to a screeching halt.
Tags: Thomas the Tank, Trains, Railroads

Reaction: A nice little board book for the little ones to handle and learn about book sand trains. My niece and nephew love this book and it has seen a great deal of “love”. This book is great for learning the work train and of course the name Thomas!

Early Literacy: Print Awareness: Teach those little hands how to hold a book and enjoy a book with this nice board book. This book is made of stiff cardboard so it can be propped up with them in bed. It is never to early to learn to use books!
Clara and the Bossy  Cover Image
28. Title: Clara and the Bossy
Author: Ohi, Ruth.

Publication Information:Toronto ; New York : Annick Press

Abstract: A tale  of a little guinea pig and her bossy friend.

Age: 3-4
Tags:Bossiness, Friendship

Reaction: This is a story to read as the little ones head to pre-school or even at pre-school. Some little ones can be quite bossy and this
story addresses that issue and how to handle it.

Early Literacy: Narrative Skills: Get the conversation started about being bossy and what friendship means.
More  Cover Image


Title: More
Author: Springman, I. C.
Publication Information: Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012.
Abstract: A team of well-intentioned mice saves a friend from hoarding too much stuff.
Tags: Magpies, Mice, Hoarding
Reaction: As parents we are always trying to reduce the amount of stuff our kids have. This story is a great way to approach the subject of giving away unused toys etc and not keeping everything!
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- Give the child the chance to connect to the story by asking questions. Explore the house what things can you get rid of?

Cover Art Image


Title: Ooh la la polka dot boots:
Author: Olson-Brown, Ellen
Publication Information: Berkeley : Tricycle Press
Abstract: Illustrations and brief rhyming text sing the praises of polka dot boots.
Age: 2-7
Tags: Clothing, Boots
Reaction: Brightly colored simple rhyming book all about polka dot boots. This story brought to mind a rainy day and all the kids love getting  out  their rubber boots to splash in the puddles.
Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness: Rhyming helps children realize the similarities in words. They can memorize the rhymes easily which helps develop reading skills.

All fall down  Cover Image

31. Title :All fall down

Author: Oxenbury, Helen.

Publication Information: New York, N.Y. : Little Simon

Abstract: A simple board book with a fun rhyme.

Age: 0-3

Tags: Infants

Reaction: This book is very simple yet perfect for even our littlest readers. The text is simple and would be easy for the little ones

to remember and say along with the reader.

Early Literacy: Print Motivation- Start teaching about the love of books at an early age. And remeber let the little one’s help turn the

pages! It is ok if you skip a couple.

Cover Art Image


Title: The big storm : a very soggy counting book
Author: Tafuri, Nancy.

Publication Information: New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Abstract: Ten animals find shelter in a hill hollow one by one, but when the storm is over, a rumbling tells them
there is still danger afoot.
Age: 2-4
Tags: Forest Animals, Counting, Storms
Reaction: This book is not only a counting book it teaches the  reader about storms and what forest animals do in a storm.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills: Engage the child not only in counting but also about learning animal names and talk about
how they feel in a storm.

The eye book  Cover Image


Title: The eye book  A bright and early book Bright & early book.
Author: LeSieg, Theo

Publication Information: New York : Random House

Abstract: A boy and rabbit both have two eyes that see all kinds of things, from blue and red to a bird and a bed.

Age: 2-4

Tags: Vision, Eyes, Rabbits

Reaction: The perfect book to read along with kids and get them engaged in the storytelling.

Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness- Rhyming text helps to teach children the sounds of letters and how words are put together. And remember don’t just read the rhyme sing it to!

Cover Art Image


Title:  Little Red Hen
Author: Galdone, Paul.

Publication Information: New York : Clarion Books

Abstract: The little red hen finds none of her lazy friends willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour,
but all are eager to eat the cake she makes from it.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Folk Tale
Reaction: A classic tale of the little red hen and her very lazy friends. I think sharing this story with 3-4 year olds helps to start making them aware of how sometimes our friends may not be very helpful in things that will benefit all.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- Interact with the children and help them draw from their own experiences in doing different activities with their friends. Have they ever had a friend who was lazy like the Little Red Hen’s friends?

Cover Art Image


Title: Over in the meadow
Author: Cabrera, Jane.

Publication Information: New York : Holiday House

Abstract: A variation of the counting rhyme that introduces a variety of animals and their activities.
Ages: 2-4
Tags: Counting, Animals
Reaction: A fun and lively story that is sure to add laughter and singing to storytime! And also learning about animals and counting. A  perfect story for an animal theme storytime.
Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness- Singing rhymes and simple songs helps teach children to hear similarities in words and how they can be put together to make songs and rhymes.

Dr. Seuss's Oh, baby! Go, baby!  Cover Image


Title: Dr. Seuss’s Oh, baby! Go, baby!
Author: Seuss, Dr.
Publication Information: New York : Random House Children’s Books

Abstract: An interactive book with foil, feathers and flaps.


Tags: Infants, Toys, Interactive

Reaction: A fun little book to introduce little ones to the joy of books. With all of the interaction kids will never get tired of reading this book with you.

Early Literacy: Print Motivation- Teach the youngest of children to interact with books and how fun it can be to not only read with us but hold the book and turn the pages. This book has lots of interaction sit and let the kids enjoy the all of the flaps and feathers.

Cover Art Image


Title: Teddy bear, teddy bear : a classic action rhyme
Author: Hague, Michael.

Publication Information: New York : HarperCollins

Abstract: An illustrated version of the traditional rhyme which follows the activities of a teddy bear.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Children’s Poetry, Teddy Bears
Reaction: It is never to early to expose readers to poetry. One of the most popular rhymes for children is written into this interactive book that will get children singing and rhyming and interacting with the text. Everything from shutting off the light to saying goodnight!
Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness- Increased interaction not only gets the kids moving it helps raise awareness of words and how they fit together. Make a large poster with the text of the poem and have the kids follow along as you point to the text.

It's a little book  Cover Image


Title: It’s a little book   A Board Book

Author: Smith, Lane.

Publication Information: New York : Roaring Brook Press

Abstract: As a baby gorilla sits reading quietly, a baby donkey pesters him about the source of his absorption.


Tags:Gorillas, Donkeys

Reaction: This is a perfect book for the little ones who are still learning what books are. This little books asks what is this book for? Can you chew on it? Well you could but it is better to read! Such a great book to snuggle up with and read and giggle and play!

Early Literacy: Print Motivation: Teaches the enjoyment of books and instills the idea that reading with Mom and Dad is fun and special.

Chicka chicka ABC  Cover Image


Title: Chicka Chicka ABC
Author: Martin, Bill

Publication Information: New York : Simon & Schuster

General Note: On board pages.

Abstract: An alphabet rhyme/chant that relates what happens when the whole alphabet tries to climb a coconut tree.
Age: 0-4
Tags: Alphabet, Stories in Rhyme
Reaction: Truly one of the most fun books to read and rhyme with! Whenever we have a new baby gift to give I always include this book.
Early Literacy: Print Motivation: Teach love and enjoyment of reading and being read to with this wonderful and timeless book. Show the cover of the book and describe what the story might be about.

Cover Art Image


Title: Duck to the rescue
Author: Alborough, Jez.

Publication Information:[Tulsa, Okla.] : Kane Miller, 2012.

Originally published: United Kingdom: HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2005.

Abstract: Sheep sets off to the fair, but he keeps having trouble.
Age: 2-4
Tags: Duck, Sheep, Friendship
Reaction: A fun little board book that deals with friendship and all the trouble friends can get into together. Also it is just plain silly in thinking of a dick and a sheep driving a jeep!
Early Literacy: Print Awareness- With a board book even the littlest hands can hold it while the parent reads. Teaches about how to treat books and how enjoyable they can be.

Llama Llama, nighty-night  Cover Image


Title: Llama Llama, nighty-night
Author: Dewdney, Anna.

Publication Information:New York : Viking, c2012.

Abstract: A young llama follows the same bedtime routine every night.

Age: 0-4

Tags: Bedtime, LLamas

Reaction: A lovely board bedtime book that little ones will want read to them every night. With the rhyming text they will be able to tell the story on their own in no time!

Early Literacy: Print Awareness- Teach the joy of reading and storytelling even to the youngest of readers. Learn about a new animal the LLama.

What do you say?  Cover Image


Title: What do you say?
Author: Stanley, Mandy.
Publication Information: New York : Little Simon
General Note: On board pages.
Abstract: A book full of sounds, colors and creatures of all kinds.
Age: 1-4
Tags: Vocabulary, Animal Sounds
Reaction: A book that exposes children to sounds, words and laughter! This is a board book so it can withstand many readings. A great book to teach new words!
Early Literacy: Vocabulary: Teach new sounds and words.  Start with, what does a cow say and keep repeating when in the car or doing things around the house.

Cover Art for Trains go


Title: Trains Go A Board Book
Author: Light, Steve.

Publication Information :San Francisco : Chronicle Books

Abstract: Trains grumble, roar, and squeak their way through this board book.

Age: 0-4
Tags: Railroad Trains
Reaction: A fun book shaped like a train with bright colors and every page gives the reader and the listener the chance to make train sounds!
Early Literacy: Print Motivation- Sitting with a child and reading for fun is one of the most important gifts you can give them. This book
is the perfect book to read out-loud and have fun making sounds of trains and enjoying the special bonding moment with your child.

Cover Art for Henny Penny


Title: Henny Penny
Author: Galdone, Paul.
Publication Information: New York : Houghton Mifflin/Clarion Books
Abstract: Henny Penny and her friends are on their way to tell the king the sky is falling when they are outwitted by the fox.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Chickens, Fox
Reaction: Another classic tale that I think all kids should read at some point in their pre-school years. It tells the tale of Henny Penny and her friends and their tale of the “Sky is falling the sky is falling!” But is it?
Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness: Rhyming helps youngsters learn new words and string together thoughts and phrases. When the time comes in the text to say the famous line repeat several times and tell them to join in and say it loud!

Where do I sleep? : a Pacific Northwest lullaby  Cover Image


Title: Where do I sleep? : a Pacific Northwest lullaby
Author: Blomgren, Jennifer.

Publication Information :Seattle, Wash. : Sasquatch Books

Abstract: Rhyming text describes some of the young animals–from a gray wolf pup and a horned puffin to a cougar kit and a small brown bat–as they settle down to sleep.
Age: 2-4
Tags: Animals, Sleep, lullabies,
Reaction: Living in the Pacific Northwest you experience a great deal of animals not seen in other parts of the United States. This book takes those animals and puts them in a wonderful bedtime story. The pictures and soothing in nature and little readers can learn about animals in their geographical area. I found this book at the library and immediately ordered it to add to my personal library.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- Learn about animals found in the Pacific Northwest and how they sleep. Enables the children to make connections between themselves and the animals if they live in the Pacific Northwest.

Seven blind mice  Cover Image


Title: Seven blind mice

Author: Young, Ed.

Publication Information: New York : Philomel Books

Abstract :Retells in verse the Indian fable of the blind men discovering different parts of an elephant and arguing about its appearance. The illustrations depict the blind arguers as mice.


Tags: Fables, Elephants, Folklore

Reaction: A Caldecott Award winner that tells the classic fable of and elephant and blind men or mice and the argument that happens concerning what the elephant looks like. A great story with vibrant colors and black and white.

Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- engage the children in a discussion about what an elephant does look like and exposing the youngsters to folklore and fables early in their reading  journey.

Cover Art for Baby says "moo!"
Title: Baby says “moo!”
Author: Macken, JoAnn Early
Publication Information: New York : Disney/Hyperion Books
Abstract: A cumulative, rhyming tale of a baby who sees many animals while out with her family, only one of which makes her favorite sound.
Tags:Infants, Animals
Reaction: A simple little story for the littlest of readers to enjoy and learn animal sounds such as MOO!
Early Literacy: Print Motivation- Read often to your child and make it fun! If they lose interest stop and try at another time.
Cover Art for I can be anything!
Title: I can be anything!
Author: Spinelli, Jerry.
Publication Information: New York : Little, Brown
Abstract: A little boy ponders the many possible jobs in his future, from paper-plane folder and puppy-dog holder to mixing-bowl licker and tin-can kicker.
Tags: Occupations
Reaction: Newberry Award winning author Jerry Spinelli wrote a wonderful story encouraging young readers to explore the
endless possibilities that await them when deciding on a job. The book is happy and hopeful and encourages dreaming and remembering,”You can Be Anything! A great message for us all to remember and instill in our kids.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills, Talk with your kids about all the things you wanted to be when you were their age. Ask them
what they want to be.
Cover Art for Don't copy me!
Title:Don’t copy me!
Personal Author: Allen, Jonathan
Publication Information: London : Boxer Books
Abstract: Little Puffin wants to enjoy a walk in the nice fresh air. But Small Gull, Tiny Gull, and Baby Gull follow him everywhere and
do everything Little Puffin does. How will Little Puffin stop them from playing this annoying game?
Tags:Imitation, Puffins, Gulls
Reaction: If you have brothers,sisters or friends then you have experienced what Little Puffin goes through while trying to enjoy
a nice walk. This is a wonderful book to share with siblings as well as while teaching little ones things that may cause friends to become
upset. I imagine  using this book in a Kindergarten story time or Toddler story time in which you can talk about tolerance.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- Encourage the children to not only listen to the story but also talk about the story and
how it pertains to their own experiences or behavior.
Cover Art for A very curious bear


Title: A very curious bear
Author: Mitton, Tony.
Publication Information: New York : Random House
Abstract: A very curious bear asks his parent questions about all the things they see and do all day long.
Age: 2-4
Tags: Bears, Curiosity, Day
Reaction: This is a wonderful story of Little bear and Big bear walking home from a day of picnicking and Little Bear starts asking questions about what Big bear does all day while away. This is a scenario anyone with a little one has experienced. They ask about your day and what you do. Great story to draw similarities from and engage in conversation with your child.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- Read the story to your child but also talk about the story. And draw similarities between Little Bear and Big Bear and you and your child.
51.Cover Art for Cock-a-doodle dance!
Title: Cock-a-doodle dance!
Author: Tricarico, Christine.
Publication Information: New York, N.Y. : Feiwel & Friends
The humdrum days of grouchy animals on a Texas farm are enlivened by Rooster’s newfound jitterbugging passion, which soon has
everyone bouncing and dancing.
Tags: Animals, Dance
Reaction: A fun book to read and and get the kids involved with. Perfect for a storytime where everyone can get up and move!
Early Literacy: Print Motivation- Teach the love of books and they can transport you anywhere! Let your kids see you be silly. Story time
will become their favorite party of the day.
Cover Art for Elephant in the bathtub


Title: Elephant in the bathtub
Author: Andres, Kristina.
Publication Information: New York : North-South
Abstract: What happens when all the animals are in the bathtub?
Age: 3-4
Tags: Elephants, Bathtubs
Reaction: A wonderfully silly story about bath time. Pre-schoolers will love the craziness of the animals in the bathtub and all that
happens in looking for a rubber ducky!
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- Have the kids make connections between their bath time and bath time with elephant and his friends.
Cover Art for Time for bed
Title: Time for bed
Author: Fox, Mem
Publication Information: San Diego : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Abstract:  As darkness falls parents everywhere try to get their children ready for sleep.
Tags:Bedtime, Animals
Reaction: This is a wonderful story for all in our target age group. The little ones will love the pictures and the ease in holding this
board book. A soothing story to read at bedtime and imagine all the animal parents putting their little ones to bed just like you and
your children. This is a wonderful book for new parents!
Early Literacy: Print Motivation/Print Awareness- Reading is fun with your kids. It is a special time to share a story while also teaching
little readers to hold the book and turn the pages.
Cover Art for Golden domes and silver lanterns : a Muslim book of colors
Title: Golden domes and silver lanterns : a Muslim book of colors
Author: Khan, Hena.
Publication Information: San Francisco : Chronicle Books
Abstract: In simple rhyming text a young Muslim girl and her family guide the reader through the traditions and colors of Islam.
Tags:Islam, Muslim, Colors
Reaction: This book is not only beautiful to look at it is a simple rhyme book that can teach so much. We live in a society full of different
cultures and religions and it is so important that we expose our children to books that emphasis differences. With a full glossary in the
back of the book it is easy to check pronunciation as well as look for additional information. After learning of this book through a
discussion in board post at school I immediately added it to my personal library.
Early Literacy: Vocabulary- Expose kids to new words and expand their vocabulary. Start to expose them to different cultures and ways
of doing things.
Cover Art for I am so handsome
Title: I am so handsome
Author: Ramos, Mario.
Publication Information: Wellington, N.Z. : Gecko Press ; Minneapolis, MN : Distributed in the United States and
Canada by Lerner Pub. Group.
Abstract: A vainglorious wolf struts through the forest, bragging about his looks to familiar fairy tale characters,
until a small dragon brings him back down to earth.
Tags: Wolves, Pride, Vanity
Reaction: A wonderful story featuring the big bad wolf who is quite fond of himself. A great story to teach youngsters about humility.
Early Literacy: Print Awareness- For the age of 3-4 have them read along with you and even follow along by dragging their finger under
the text.
Cover Art for Big hugs, little hugs
Title: Big hugs, little hugs
Author: Bond, Felicia.
Publication Information: New York : Philomel Books
Abstract: Illustrations and brief text show many different ways to hug.
Age: 2-4
Tags: Hugging
Reaction: A sweet story by New York Times Best Selling Author Felicia Bond. In this simple story with simple text we learn about all the
different ways to hug!
Early Literacy: Print Motivation: Make reading fun! Practice with your little ones how to hug!
Cover Art for Hurry! hurry!
Title: Hurry! hurry!
Author: Bunting, Eve
Publication Information: Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
All the animals in the barnyard community hurry to greet their newest member, who is just pecking his way out of an egg.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Chickens, Eggs, Animals
Reaction: A perfect story to start a conversation about a new baby being born. Another wonderful story by award-winning author Eve
Bunting accompanied by simple text and vibrant illustrations.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- Ask yes and no questions. Have the child explain their feelings or ideas.
Cover Art for Letting go
Title: Letting go Loopy Coop hens
Author: Stoeke, Janet Morgan.
Publication Information: New York : Dial Books for Young Readers
Abstract: Pip, Midge, and Dot are enjoying the shade under an apple tree when fruit starts
falling around them, causing the hens to suspect a fox is in the tree trying to hit them.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Chickens, Humor
Reaction: Who does not love these silly hens. They remind me of me and my sisters as we get older just sitting around being crazy!
Little ones will love this story and try to answer the question why do apples fall from the tree.
Early Literacy: Vocabulary-Read and talk to kids to expand their vocabulary. After you read refer back to the new words. Such as lets
sit in the shade like the Loopy hens did!
Cover Art for "L" is for library
Title: “L” is for library
Author: Terry, Sonya.
Publication Information: Fort Atkinson, Wis. : Upstart Books
Abstract:Explore the library with a friendly Tabby Cat.
Tags: Libraries
Age: 4
Reaction: Definitely a book for the older end of our target age group. A perfect story to learn about the library and all its different parts.
Perfect for a Pre-School storytime. Another book I am adding to my personal library.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- Have children talk about where certain areas are located in their library.
Cover Art for That's mine!
Title: That’s mine!

Author: Zeveren, Michel van

Publication Information: Wellington, New Zealand : Gecko Press
Abstract: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a little frog finds an egg. “That’s mine!” he says. But the snake wants his egg, and so does the
eagle, and so does the lizard…
Age: 3-4
Tags: Frogs
Reaction: A simple story with a message about sharing. A perfect story for kids ages 3-4.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- A perfect book to read to older kids in our age group and ask to describe their thoughts and feelings.
Cover Art for The nice book
Title: The nice book
Author: Stein, David Ezra.
Publication Information: New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Abstract: In joyful art, David Ezra Stein uses monkeys, mice, snakes, cats, and many other animals to demonstrate the
appeal of being nice to others, and to yourself.
Tags: Animals, Etiquette
Reaction: Author David Ezra Stein has used very few words and simple pictures to teach all about being nice. A wonderful book to be read
one on one with a child and discuss how we can be nice.
Early Literacy: Print Motivation- Make sure you and your child are both in good moods and sit down and enjoy the book together. As you
see them being nice you will now that they are comprehending the story.
Cover Art for Good-night, owl!


Title: Good-night, owl!
Author: Hutchins, Pat,
Publication Information: New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Abstract: Because all the other animals’ noises keep him from sleeping, Owl watches for a chance to take his revenge.
Age: 2-4
Tags: Owls, Animals, Sleep
Reaction: Award Winning author Pat Hutchins writes a tale of the Owl who sleeps during the day and can’t get any sleep! A timeless story
about Owls and their altered sleeping habits.
Early Literacy: Vocabulary: Introduce children to new words. Such as nocturnal in this story.
Cover Art for Please play safe! : Penguin's guide to playground safety
Title: Please play safe! : Penguin’s guide to playground safety
Author: Cuyler, Margery.
Publication Information: New York : Scholastic Press
Abstract: Penguin and his animal friends demonstrate how to play safely and use good manners.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Safety, Animals,
Reaction: I enjoyed this book as a way to teach those wild preschoolers about safety and being nice on the playground. It address issues
such as everyone running to the playground and not waiting your turn.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- This book allows a parent or teacher or librarian to ask a lot of questions while reading and have a nice
after book talk about remembering to use manners on the playground and be safe.
Cover Art for The croaky pokey
Title: The Croaky Pokey
Author: Long, Ethan.
Publication Information: New York : Holiday House
Abstract: Frogs sing and do their own version of the Hokey Pokey.
Tags: Children’s Songs, Frogs
Reaction: A super fun, energetic story that will get any storytime from quiet to rambunctious! Kids will love this froggy version of the
Hokey Pokey.
Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness- Sing songs and act out the actions that accompany it.
Cover Art for Ricky's birthday


Title: Ricky’s birthday
Author: Genechten, Guido van.
Publication Information: New York : Clavis Pub
Ricky is excited to welcome all his friends to his birthday party, but he begins to worry when his best friend is missing.
Age: 2-3
Tags: Rabbits, Birthday, Birthday Parties
Reaction: A sweet story of a perfect birthday for Ricky the rabbit! I fell in love with his friend Annie and her special surprise for her best
friend. The author of this book is a Reader’s Digest Award winner for Best Children’s Books Illustrator and the Picture Book of the Year
in Holland.
Early Literacy: Print Motivation- Make reading enjoyable and fun. Read books that kids can relate to. Talk about birthday parties and
the events at the party. Did they have a best friend or family member come to their party?
Cover Art for Julie Andrews' treasury for all seasons : poems and songs to celebrate the year


Title: Julie Andrews’ treasury for all seasons : poems and songs to celebrate the year
Author: Andrews, Julie, Hamilton, Emma Walton.
Publication Information: New York : Little, Brown and Company
Tags: Poetry
Reaction: This is a wonderful collection of poems and songs that celebrate, seasons, holidays and everything in between. I am including
this as a book that would be read together maybe before a bedtime story or maybe read this at nap time. Poetry is something that little
ones can be exposed to early on and is enjoyable as they get older and recite with you. Who would not love a collection put together
by Mary Poppins herself!
Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness- Read smaller poems over and over again and eventually the child will be saying it right along
with you. This shows they are having a verbal interaction with you and learning story-reading behaviors.
Cover Art for Seven little bunnies
Title: Seven little bunnies
Author: Stiegemeyer, Julie.
Publication Information: New York : Marshall Cavendish Children
Abstract: Seven bunnies find many other things to do when it is time for them to go to bed.
Tags: Bedtime, Rabbits, Counting
Age: 2-4
Reaction: These seven little bunnies are not ready for bed but slowly the drift off to sleep. And so did my niece when I read her this book.
This is a perfect story for bedtime or nap time and in a board book the little ones can hold the book and read along with you. My niece is 2
and she had no trouble holding the book and we turned the pages together.
Early Literacy: Print Awareness- Get sturdy books at the library that even little hands can hold and follow along with as you read. This shows
book handling behaviors are increasing.
Cover Art for Don't spill the beans!
Title: Don’t spill the beans!
Author: Schoenherr, Ian.
Publication Information: New York : Greenwillow Books
Abstract: A bear tries hard to keep a birthday surprise a secret.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Birthdays, Bears, Secrets
Reaction: This is the perfect book to read to start a discussion about not telling people about presents until they open them. We all have
had that moment when a little has blurted out, “Mom got you a ______”! The pictures are bright and cheery and the rhyming text is perfect
for 3-4 year olds who are learning about text placement and words.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- Have the little ones talk about times they spilled the beans! Encourages them to express themselves and
make connections to the text.
Cover Art for The thankful book

Title: The thankful book
Author: Parr, Todd.
Publication Information: New York : Little, Brown
Easy-to-read text encourages the reader to find something every day for which to be thankful, from underwear
that is just the right size to birthday cakes and the wishes they bring.
Age: 2-4
Tags: Gratitude
Reaction: I have to admit I initially was not a fan of Todd Parr books. However this one has a wonderful message and the pictures really
tie the whole message together of being thankful for something everyday. I think if you read this to your little ones and start daily saying
to them what are you thankful for it will carry with them as they grow.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills- We can never talk with our little readers enough and use books to start a new tradition in your house.
Cover Art for The wind blew.

Title: The wind blew.
Author: Hutchins, Pat,
Publication Information: New York : Macmillan
A rhymed tale describing the antics of a wind.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Wind
Reaction: I love the silliness and rhyming of this book. Kids will love this book as the wind gathers different items as it whips along. I
love the idea of having a weather storytime and using this silly story as one of the books!
Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness- Reading rhymes helps children to learn that words are made up of similar parts.
Cover Art for You are my wonders

Title: You are my wonders
Author: Cusimano, Maryann K.
Publication Information: New York : Philomel Books
Illustrations and rhyming text combine in a celebration of the relationship between teacher and student.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Teachers, Students, School
Reaction: A wonderfully sweet story that highlights the relationship we teachers have with our students. A great book to read at home to
ease those little nerves about a new teacher. The pictures in this book are wonderful and the rhyming text is perfect for the older
kids in our age group.
Early Literacy: Vocabulary- Read and talk to your child every chance you get. Behaviors related to paying attention to the story shows
recognition of vocabulary and putting pictures with text.
Cover Art for If you give a cat a cupcake

Title: If you give a cat a cupcake
Author: Numeroff, Laura Joffe.
Publication Information: New York : Laura Geringer Books
A series of increasingly far-fetched events might occur if someone were to give a cupcake to a cat.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Cats, Cupcakes
Reaction: I had to highlight this book because my daughter at the age of 3 really did give a cat a cupcake! There is much more silliness
in this book though!  A perfect book to add a little bit of laughter to the day and talk about what you can and cannot do with your cat!
Early Literacy: Print Motivation- Pick a special time to read with one child at a time and make it special with a book that maybe they
pick out at the library. Give them the authority of what they read will make them feel important and eager to read their special finds with
you or even by themselves. They can look at the pictures in this book and make up their own story!
Cover Art for Be quiet, Mike!

Title: Be quiet, Mike!
Author: Patricelli, Leslie.
Publication Information: Somerville, Mass. : Candlewick Press
Monkey Mike is reprimanded for making noise when he taps pencils and clangs trash cans until he sees a drum set in the music store
and puts his hands-on talents to work in a most impressive way.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Noise, Drum, Monkeys
Reaction: The perfect story for anyone who has a three or four-year old boy who is active and noisy. I have a nephew just like Mike the
Monkey and we are always saying, “Ethan be quiet”! Reluctant boy readers will identify with this story and want it read to them again and
and again. The bright vibrant pictures will hold their attention and there are plenty of things they can name in the pictures to increase
their vocabulary.
Early Literacy: Vocabulary-If a word is unfamiliar explain the word to increase vocabulary. Go to the music story and find the instruments
in the story and remember what you read.
Cover Art for Flower garden

Title: Flower garden
Author: Bunting, Eve

Publication Information: San Diego : Harcourt
Helped by her father, a young girl prepares a flower garden as a birthday surprise for her mother.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Gardening, Parent and Child, Birthdays, African-Americans
Reaction: This is simply a wonderful story of a Dad and his daughter preparing a birthday surprise for Mom. Eve Bunting is one of those
authors that writes in such a sweet and loving way you can’t help but fall in love with all of her stories. Perfect for a Dad to read to his
Early Literacy: Print Motivation- Not just Moms can read the stories, Dads can get in on the story telling which shows the little ones that
everyone reads.
Cover Art for Larry gets lost in Seattle

Title: Larry gets lost in Seattle
Author: Skewes, John.
Publication Information: Seattle, WA : Sasquatch Books
Pete goes all over the Emerald City searching for his furry friend, Larry. Along the way he sees some amazing sights, including the
Underground City, the Aquarium, Sea-Tac Airport, and much more.
Age: 3-4
Tags: Washington State, Seattle,
Reaction: I chose this book because of where I live. Many kids travel to Seattle from Spokane and it is a big deal to head east to the big
city. This book highlights many of the things that kids might to or see. A perfect book to talk about an upcoming trip or remember a trip
that has been taken.
Early Literacy: Narrative Skills: Get the little ones talking and reading and making connections between their lives and those of the lives
of characters in the books. Introduce a map and track a line from their house to Seattle!
Cover Art for Look! A book! : [a zany seek-and-find adventure]

Title: Look! A book! : [a zany seek-and-find adventure]
Author: Staake, Bob, 1957-
Publication Information: New York : Little, Brown
Easy-to-read, rhyming text invites the reader to search for items on a different theme on each page, while celebrating the wonder of a
picture book.
Age: 1-4
Tags: Books and Reading, Picture Puzzles
Reaction: A book that can grow with your child! With rhyming text and questions and puzzles to solve this book will provide hours of
enjoyment! A perfect book to give as a gift.
Early Literacy: Print Motivation- Make it fun to read! Verbal interactions with books and their increasing understanding of print in books
increases their story reading behaviors.

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